Quantity Surveyors & Cost Consultants

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From controlling sensible workloads to providing our staff with continuous training, CentriQS concentrates on the client’s requirements providing a seamless holistic service that captures our core values.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide value for money though pre and post contract services to settlement of final account with minimum disruption.

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What does Quantity Surveyor do?

A Quantity Surveyor is a professional who manages the cost and contract on a construction project

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Why do you need Quantity Surveyor?

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Analyse & predict risks

To analyse and predict risks associated with construction costs and develop precise cash projections for project forecasting and budgeting to avoid cost overrun situations.

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Manging the contract

Manging the contract to prevent possible disputes and safeguarding the client’s interest

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Minimise the cost

To Minimise the cost without compromising the project’s value services


CentriQS provides the full scope of the cost and contract management services to ensure that costs are minimised without compromising the project’s quality.

Specialist services

Dispute resolution

CentriQS writes and manages Construction & Engineering Claims for loss and expense on behalf of our clients who are in Dispute.

Expert Services

Expert Services including writing reports for tribunal in Quantum calculation and Quantum Analysis.


CentriQS’s cost database consists of more than 100 project records and is organised with multiple considerations such as Geotechnical conditions, types of structural frames, façade, MEP systems, and the quality of the finishing.

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